Oregon Calculations for Electrical Installations Course

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Conductor Installation Electrical Training

This 4-hour or 8-hour course with discussion about electrical conductor uses, properties, and correction factors in conjunction with the 2017 NEC requirements for a code compliant installation. Topics will cover parallel conductors, conductor sizing and ratings including some in-class calculations. Presentation will include grounding and bonding sizing based on overcurrent protection devices. This course will address differences between the 2017 NEC with specific code articles references as part of the presentation. Additionally, there will be a discussion about fault currents and in-class worksheets calculating available fault currents.


Course content and time spent:

  • Conductors in parallel and more than 3 current carrying conductors in a raceway
  • Underground raceways and cables with discussion of damp and wet location conductor temperature ratings,
  • Conductor definitions, termination temperatures, and conductor identification markings
  • Conductor adjustment factors for temperature, conductor fill with in-class practice calculations,
  • Available fault current considerations and case histories, code requirements, and class calculations (for 8-hour training only)

Course Objectives:

  • General discussion of the principles for the determination of conductor ampacity
  • Cover the selection of conductors using the allowable ampacity tables for specific abnormal conditions
  • Attendee will be able to calculate ampacity correction factors for high ambient temperatures and/or more than three current carrying conductors
  • Discussion of code minimum requirements for conductor termination temperatures
  • Attendee will be able to calculate conductors supplying a continuous and non- continuous combination loads
  • Consideration and understanding of safety considerations for rated equipment installations
  • Understanding why fault current calculations are be required for equipment additions or alterations to existing installations (for 8-hour training only)

PowerPoint presentation with PowerPoint and current adopted 2017 NFPA-70

This course will cover parts of the following NEC Chapters and Articles:

  • Chapter 1 Article 110
  • Chapter 2 Articles 215, 220, 230, 240, and 250
  • Chapter 3 Article 300 and 310
  • Chapter 9 Tables 4, 5 and 8

Course outcomes:
To give the attendee an understanding what the effects of loads, environmental conditions, and temperature considerations for electrical installations. Presentation will clarify the intent of conductor conditions that affect installation and use of conductors for the intended use. Additionally, attendee will perform calculations to determine if the equipment is safely rated for the calculated value.

Course Attendees
The course is intended if for all licensed electricians or engineers.